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MapleStory Demon Avenger Skill Build Guide

Demon Avenger Overview

CLASS: Resistance
MAIN WEAPON: Desperado (unique weapon type)
SUB EQUIP: Force Shield
HP: High
PRIMARY STAT: Health Points aka Hit Points (HP) – needed for damage.

Demon Avenger Beginner Job Skill

Dark Winds
Allow Demon Avenger to use various jump skills while using winds. The Devil Wings can be used in a variety of jump skills (high jump, double jump, glide). High jump: jump + ↑↑, double jump: jump + →→ or ←←, glide: jump while in the air
Blood Contract
Aggressively empowers the body through a blood contract. The contract has the effect of ignoring warrior armor, and the stats requirement of Demon Avenger equipment is ignored, allowing the equipment to be worn.
Demonic Blood
Demons are known for their naturally strong willpower and overwhelming ambition. Gives you level 20 Will and Charisma. You have a 100% stance effect.
Exceed (Passive)
Enable an Exceed Skill to evolve with improve attacking range and damage by frequently using them. However, using an Exceed Skill over 20 times, you will enter into Overload State which completely cancels the efficiency of Absorb Life Skill. Overload state HP reduction is equivalent to the amount replenished by Absorb Life. To reset Overload state, use a different Exceed Skill.
High Efficiency (Passive)
Increases the efficiency of potions.
LV1: Potions are 300% effective. (Example: 100 HP Potion recovers 300 health)
Wild Rage (Passive)
Your damage is increased by 5% (10% for level 2) due to your rage. (Link Skill)
Demon Avenger Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.

Explanation: These are Demon Avenger innate abilities. No SP required.

Demon Avenger 1st Job Skills

Exceed: Double Slash (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 2 times with cross slash.
LV1: 105% Damage, -1% HP.
LV20: 200% Damage, -1% HP.
Release Overload (Active)
Replenish HP instantly and temporarily increases Max HP.
This can only be activated during Overload state to return Normal State.
LV1: Replenish 11% HP instantly. +12% Max HP for 42 seconds.
LV10: Replenish 100% HP instantly. +30% Max HP for 60 seconds.
Absorb Life (Passive)
Has a chance to recover some HP in every attack.
LV1: 10% chance to recover +1% HP.
LV10: 100% chance to recover +5% HP.
Demonic Sharpness (Passive)
Permanently increase your speed, jump, and critical rate.
LV1: +2 Move Speed, +6 Jump, +1% Critical Rate.
LV15: +30 Move Speed, +20 Jump, +20% Critical Rate.

Demon Avenger 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
[NOTE] 5 SP provided at Level 10.
0. 1 SP automatically added into Double Slash, Release Overload, Absorb Life.
1. Max Demonic Sharpness, Absorb Life, Release Overload, Double Slash.

Demon Avenger’s primary attacking skill will be Double Slash. Double Slash is maxed last since most enemies can be killed within 1-2 hits at this stage. Max Demonic Sharpness first to increase movement speed and jumping height. You can always use Demon’s Wing to glide through the air to reach enemies quickly but for nearby enemies, preferably jump and attack with Double Slash. Next, max Absorb Life to maintain current HP as high as possible. The lower your HP goes, the lower your base damage is. Then, max Release Overload to replenish lost health instantly!

Demon Avenger 2nd Job Skills

Exceed – Demon Strike (Active)
Attack 10 enemies 4 times by rushing forward and slashing any obstacles. During Exceed Mode, Attack Speed increases as time passes, but this also increases HP consumption. The charging range increases for the final strike.
LV1: 87% Damage, -1% HP.
LV20: 125% Damage, -1% HP.
Bat Swarm (Active)
Attack 8 enemies with a swarm of bats. The summoned bats expire after attacking 40 times or 10 seconds past or travelling more than 1800 pixels or whichever limit reaches first. Change the summoned bat direction (left or right) by pressing the skill again.
LV1: 143% Damage, -305 HP.
LV20: 200% Damage, -400 HP.
Demon Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily increases attack speed by 2.
LV1: -380 HP. Lasts 28 seconds.
LV10: -200 HP. Lasts 180 seconds.
Official Rage (Supportive)
Temporarily increases weapon attack.
LV1: +2 Attack, – 305HP, Lasts 28 seconds.
LV20: +40 Attack, – 400HP, Lasts 180 seconds.
Solid Wall (Passive)
Permanently increases physical and magical defenses. (Physical aka Weapon Def.)
LV1: +10% Physical Defense and Magic Defense.
LV10: +100% Physical Defense and Magic Defense.
Desperado Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Desperado mastery and accuracy.
LV1: 14% Mastery, +20 Accuracy.
LV10: 50% Mastery, +200 Accuracy.
Inner Strength (Passive)
Permanently increases Strength and Physical+Magical Defense.
LV1: +6% Strength, +100 Defense.
LV5: +30% Strength, +500 Defense.

Demon Avenger 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Demon Strike (19/20)
1. Add 1 SP into Demon Strike, Bat Swarm.
2. Max Official Rage, Desperado Mastery, Inner Strength, Solid Wall.
3. Cap Demon Strike at Level 19.
4. Max Bat Swarm, Demon Booster.

Demon Avenger’s primary attack will be both Demon Strike and Bat Swarm. Therefore, add 1 SP (Skill Point) into both skills. When you are training in a map that has 2 platform/level, casts Bat Swarm on the first platform, and use Demon Strike to clear the second platform. Level 1 Bat Swarm easily one hit kills (OHKO) or 2HKO enemies enemies that are within your level range. Since Demon Strike isn’t required or dependent by 3rd Job Skill, you can channel 1 SP from Demon Strike into Bat Swarm. You can use Bat Swarm as a secondary attacking skill along with your primary offensive 3rd Job and 4th Job Skills. Also Bat Swarm is useful to clear 2 close by platforms where Demon Strike could not reach.
Before you start maxing your offensive skills, max Official Rage first to boost your damage significantly to allow 1 hit kill with Demon Strike. Since Demon Strike deals multiple attacks per enemy, it offers some damage stability, therefore Desperado Mastery is the second on the list to be maxed. Next, max Inner Strength to boost your physical and magical defense followed by Solid Wall. This reduces damage received from enemy to 1. Don’t max Solid Wall before maxing Inner Strength since its percentage type. You will need high base defense for Solid Wall’s percentage defense boost to work its magic. Cap Demon Strike at Level 19 so you have 1 SP extra to max Bat Swarm. A more efficient method would be adding few SP into Demon Strike to get into OHKO sweet spot and then add the rest to Bat Swarm. Finally, max Desperado Booster last since it only affects the activation delay of Demon Slash and Bat Swarm at this point but will be useful for 3rd and 4th Job Skills.

Demon Avenger 3rd Job Skills

Exceed – Moonlight Slash (Active)
Attack 10 enemies 2 times around you in a wide circle.
LV1: 355% Damage. -3% HP.
LV20: 450% Damage. -3% HP.
Ides Exceed Pain (Passive)
Permanently improves Exceed Skill damage during Exceed mode and reduces Overload penalty when Absorb Life is triggered.
LV1: +1% Exceed Damage. Reduce Overload Penalty by +1% HP.
LV20: +20% Exceed Damage. Reduce Overload Penalty by +2% HP.
Shield Charge (Active)
Attack 12 enemies 2 times while pushing them against your raised shield and deal additional final damage at the end of rush point.
LV1: -205 HP, 205% Rush Damage. 105% Final Damage.
LV20: -300 HP, 300% Rush Damage. 200% Final Damage.
Refract Evil (Supportive)
Temporarily increase elemental resistance and immunity to negative buff while decrease damage received from enemy attacks.
LV1: – 220 HP. +12% Resistance and Immunity. -1% Damage. Lasts 28 sec.
LV20: – 600 HP. +50% Resistance and Immunity. -30% Damage. Lasts 180 sec.
Diabolic Recovery (Supportive + Passive)
Temporarily replenish HP quickly for a period of time. Also improves idle HP recovery and reduces interval delay for recovery. Idle means being stationary (hanging on rope, standing or sitting)
LV1: [Active] -220 HP, +2% HP over 72 sec. [Passive] +1% HP every 23 sec.
LV20: [Active] -600 HP, +40% HP over 300 sec. [Passive] +5% HP every 4 sec.
Inhale Vitality (Active)
Attack 12 enemies within a large green mist by holding skill key down which consumes 100 HP per second. Release key to deal an additional damage and recover some health.
LV1: [KEY-DOWN] 210% Damage. [RELEASE] 620% damage, +1% HP, Cooldown 39 sec.
LV20: [KEY-DOWN] 400% Damage. [RELEASE] 1000% damage, +10% HP, Cooldown 20 sec.
Advanced Absorb Life (Passive)
Permanently increases Absorb Life’s HP Recovered.
LV1: +6 HP%.
LV5: +10% HP.

Demon Avenger 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Shield Charge (19/20)
1. Add 1 SP into Moonlight Slash, Shield Charge, Inhale Vitality, Ides Exceed Pain.
2. Max Diabolic Recovery.
3. Add 11 SP into Ides Exceed Pain.
4. Max Advanced Absorb Life, Moonlight Slash, Ides Exceed Pain.
5. Max Refract Evil, Inhale Vitality.
6. Dump remaining SP into Shield Charge.

Demon Avenger’s 3rd Job primary attacking skill will be Moonlight Slash. If you are fighting against enemies which could not be killed in 1-2 hits, cluster those enemies with Shield Charge and eliminate all of them in one-go with Moonlight Slash or Inhale Vitality. Level 1 Inhale Vitality is useful for this purpose by dealing high DPS (Damage Per Second) while siphoning health from enemies in exchange of high cooldown. Diabolic Recovery is maxed first to constantly replenish your health every few seconds while you drain enemy health with Absorb Life. This allows to you to maintain max damage without having your health diminish to 70% and below. Add 11 SP into Ides Exceed Pain to reduce the Overload Effect. Why 11 SP? The reduction effect stays the same from Level 1-10 and Level 11-20. Then pump up your damage by maxing Moonlight Slash followed by Advanced Absorb Life to minimize the HP Consumption from primary attacking skill.

Demon Avenger 4th Job Skills

Exceed – Execution (Active)
Attack 4 enemies 3 times while ignoring a percentage of their defenses.
Hits an additional 1 time during Exceed Mode.
LV1: 510% Damage, -4% HP, Ignores 1% Defense.
LV30: 800% Damage, -4% HP, Ignores 30% Defense.
Shield Chasing (Active)
Attacks 2 enemies with 2 throwing shields that homes towards the nearest enemy and disappears after hitting 5 times. Cooldown 15 seconds.
LV1: 210% Damage, -355 HP.
LV20: 500% Damage, -500 HP.
Armor Break (Supportive)
Temporarily decrease 12 enemies defenses by breaking their armor.
LV1: 426% Damage, -310 HP, -1% Defense for 18 sec.
LV30: 600% Damage, -600HP, -30% Defense for 30 sec.
Bloody Imprison (Active + Supportive)
Attack enemies in front and behind you, imprisoning them for a certain period of time.
Attack 15 enemies by sacrificing 5000 HP to bind them temporarily.
LV1: 420% Damage, 62% chance to bind for 10 sec. Cooldown 180 sec.
LV20: 800% Damage, 100% chance to bind for 20 sec. Cooldown 120 sec.
Overwhelming Power (Supportive)
Temporarily increases damage and attack speed.
LV1: -1130 HP, +1% Damage, -1 Weapon Delay for 64 sec.
LV30: -2000 HP, +30% Damage, -1 Weapon Delay for 180 sec.
Defense Expertise (Passive)
Permanently increase monster’s defense ignored and damage of Shield Charge and Shield Chasing.
LV1: +1% Ignore Defense. +1% Damage.
LV30: +30% Ignore Defense. +30% Damage.
Advanced Desperado Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increase your mastery over the Desperado, your attack, and your minimum critical damage. (required skill: level 10 Desperado Mastery).
LV1: 56% Mastery, +1 Weapon Attack, +1% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV30: 70% Mastery, +30 Weapon Attack, +15% Minimum Critical Damage.
Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Increase the stats of party members for a certain period of time.
LV1: -130 HP, +1% All Stats for 30 sec.
LV30: -1000 HP, +15% All Stats for 900 sec.
Enhanced Exceed (Passive)
Permanently increases the chance to attack extra after the exceed skill attack.
LV1: 13% chance to deal 2 hits per attack on enemy with 143% Damage.
LV20: 70% chance to deal 2 hits per attack on enemy with 200% Damage.

Demon Avenger 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed!
1. Add 1 SP into Execution, Advanced Desperado Mastery, Shield Chasing.
2. Add 1 SP into Defense Expertise, Armor Break, Bloody Imprison, Enhanced Exceed.
3. Max Execution, Overwhelming Power, Enhanced Exceed.
4. Max Advanced Desperado Mastery, Defense Expertise, Armor Break.
5. Max Bloody Imprison, Shield Chasing, Maple Warrior.
6. Extra 54 SP for Hyper Skills.

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