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MapleStory Luminous Skill Build Guide

Luminous Beginner Job Skill Build
All light skills deals extra 50% damage and heals 1% of MaxHP.
All dark skills deals extra 50% damage and uses 0 MP.
While in Equilibrium state which lasts 7 seconds, you will gain all benefits below:
1) 50% stance (50% chance to prevent enemy knock-backing you).
2) All damage absorbed by you is reduce to 1.
3) All skill cooldown are ignored.
4) All skills cost 0 MP, deals 50% more damage and heals 1% MaxHP.
5) Equilibrium skills deals 100% damage.
Permeate (Link Skill)
Ignores 10% enemy’s defense.
Inner Light
Permanently increases insight to Level 20 and +20 INT (Intellect).
Flash Blink
Teleports to a nearby monster if outside town or a random location within town.

Summary: Everything maxed.
Skill Build: No SP Required to max these skills.

Luminous 1st Job Skill Build Guide
Abyssal Drop
[Dark Magic] Attacks 6 enemies in front of you with falling dark objects.
LV1: 16 MP, 88% Damage.
LV20: 22 MP, 107% Damage.
Flash Shower (Active)
[Light Magic] Attacks 5 enemies with an energy ball that penetrates in straight line.
LV1: -15 MP, 223% Damage.
LV20: -21 MP, 280% Damage.
Light Speed (Active)
Use arrow keys to teleport to a location. You gain 1 second invincibility after teleportation. Also permanently increases your jump and speed ability.
LV1: -29 MP, Horizontal Range: 116, Vertical Range: 306. +1% Jump, +2% Speed. LV10: -20 MP, Horizontal Range: 170, Vertical Range: 360. +10% Jump, +20% Speed.
Standard Magic Guard (Supportive)
A certain percentage of your damage taken goes to MP. However if there’s no MP, damage goes to HP instead.
LV1: 13% Damage Displaced to MP.
LV10: 85% Damage Displaced to MP.
Mana Well (Supportive)
Temporarily boost MaxMP. Can stack with other boosting MaxMP skills.
LV1: -11 MP, +6% MaxMP, Lasts 85 seconds increase MaxMP by 6%.
LV20: -30 MP, +25% MaxMP, Lasts 180 seconds increase MaxMP by 25%.
Light Magic Enhancement (Passive)
Permanently increases Light Magic damage.
LV1: +1% Light Magic Damage.
LV5: +5% Light Magic Damage.

Summary: Everything maxed
Skill Build: -

Luminous 2nd Job Skill Build Guide
Sylvan Lance (Active)
[Light Magic] A spear of light is summoned to attack 6 enemies 4 times.
LV1: -21 MP, 96% Damage.
LV20: -31 MP, 115% Damage.
Blinding Pillar (Active)
[Light Magic] Summons a pillar of light to knockback 10 enemies 350 pixels away from you. It also has a chance to stun enemies while they are knockbacked from your location.
LV1: -10 MP, 55% Chance to Stun.
LV10: -15 MP, 100% Chance to Stun.
Pressure Void (Active)
[Dark Magic] Summon a giant dark orb which you can control its movement by holding left/right arrow keys to attack 8 nearby enemies around you. It will disappear after moving 350 pixels.
LV1: -5 MP, 111% Damage.
LV20: -15 MP, 168% Damage.
Black Blessing (Passive)
Automatically summons a dark sphere that encircles you if you are not attacked by enemies for a period of time. You can accumulate up to 3 dark spheres, each boosts your magic attack by a percentage of a Magic ATT cap. 1st Sphere: +50% of Cap / 2nd Sphere: +30% of Cap / 3rd Sphere: +20% of Cap. If you receive damage when dark sphere is present, it reduces damage by a certain percentage at the cost of one sphere.
LV1: Summon dark sphere if you’re not harmed within 15 seconds.
LV1: Reduces 32% incoming damage. Sphere Damage Cap is 20 Magic ATT.
LV20: Summon dark sphere if you’re not harmed within 5 seconds.
LV20: Reduces 70% incoming damage. Sphere Damage Cap is 30 Magic ATT.
Magic Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily reduces all skills attack delay.
LV1: -48 MP, Lasts 18 sec.
LV10: -30 MP, Lasts 180 sec.
Spell Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Magic Mastery, and Magic Attack.
LV1: +14% Magic Mastery, +1 Magic ATT.
LV10: +50% Magic Mastery, +10 Magic ATT.
High Wisdom (Passive)
Permanently increases your Intelligence.
LV1: +8 INT.
LV5: +40 INT.

Summary: Everything maxed except
Blinding Pillar (9/10)
Skill Build: -

Luminous 3rd Job Skill Build Guide
Spectral Light (Active)
[Light Magic] Attack 8 enemies 4 times with ray of light. Hold down skill key to continuously unleash several rays of light and use Up/Down arrow keys to aim.
LV1: -8 MP, 102% Damage.
LV20: -14 MP, 121% Damage.
Ray of Redemption (Active)
[Light Magic] Heal party members while damaging 6 enemies simultaneously.
LV1: 123% Damage, 25% HP Recovery.
LV20: 180% Damage, 500% HP Recovery.
Moonlight Spear (Active)
[Dark Magic] Attack 6 enemies twice with a dark spear piercing out from the ground.
LV1: -25 MP, 344% Damage.
LV20: -35 MP, 401% Damage.
Death Scythe (Active)
[Equilibrium] Attacks 10 enemies 4 times with 2 summoned Death Reaper wielding an enormous Death Scythe. The damage is influenced by both light and dark. Once summon, it proceeds with cooldown.
LV1: -40 MP, 292% Damage, Cooldown 29 sec.
LV20: -52 MP, 330% Damage, Cooldown 10 sec.
Shadow Shell (Supportive + Passive)
Summons a barrier to protect you from status effects up to 3 times before it starts cooldown. It also permanently provides status effect and elemental damage resistance.
LV1: -29 MP, Cooldown 570 sec. +4% Resistance.
LV10: -20 MP, Cooldown 300 sec. +40% Resistance.
Dusk Guard (Supportive)
Temporarily boost physical and magical defenses and has a chance to ignore damage taken.
LV1: -8 MP, +120 Defense, 2% ignore damage, Lasts 72 sec.
LV10: -10 MP, +300 Defense, 20% ignore damage, Lasts 180 sec.
Photic Meditation (Supportive)
Temporarily improves party member’s magic attack. Can be used with Meditation.
LV1: -30 MP, +10 Magic Attack, Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: -36 MP, +40 Magic Attack, Lasts 180 sec.
Lunar Tide (Passive)
Boost your damage or critical rate by comparing your current total percentage of HP and MP. If your HP% is more than MP%, boost damage. However, if your HP% is less than or equal to MP%, then boost critical hit rate.
LV1: +1% Damage OR +2% Critical Hit Rate.
LV20: +20% Damage OR +40% Critical Hit Rate.

Summary: Everything maxed except Shine Redemption (4/10)
Skill Build: -

Luminous 4th Job Skill Build Guide
Reflection (Active)
[Light Magic] Attack 8 enemies 4 times with chain lightning.
LV1: -24 MP, 288% Damage.
LV30: -44 MP, 375% Damage.
Morning Star (Active)
[Dark Magic] Summons a shooting star from sky and crashes to the ground, rolling away from you while knocking back up to 8 enemies within its path. Star explodes upon coming to a standstill. This skill has a cooldown of 5 seconds.
LV1: -40 MP, 93% Damage, 283% Explosion Damage.
LV30: -50 MP, 180% Damage, 370% Explosion Damage.
Apocalypse (Active)
[Dark Magic] Open a crack from darkness, letting flames of hell burn 8 enemies.
LV1: -24 MP, 303% Damage.
LV30: -44 MP, 390% Damage.
Ender (Active)
[Equilibrium] Attack 2 enemies 6 times with 100% critical hit rate with a summoned a giant sword infused with light and dark energy that instantly kills them. Enemies who are immune to instant-death absorbs insane amount of damage!
LV1: -40 MP, 275% Damage, Cooldown 25 sec.
LV30: -55 MP, 333% Damage, Cooldown 10 sec.
Dark Crescendo (Supportive)
Temporarily allows you to have a chance to stack damage when hitting enemies.
LV1: -45 MP, Activation Rate: 51%, +1% Damage up to 10 times, Lasts 64 sec.
LV30: -80 MP, Activation Rate: 80%, +1% Damage up to 30 times, Lasts 180 sec.
Arcane Pitch (Supportive)
Temporarily ignore a portion of enemy’s defense and improve your critical hit rate.
LV1: -56 MP, 1% Defense Ignored, +1% Critical Hit Rate.
LV30: -56 MP, 30% Defense Ignored, +30% Critical Hit Rate.
Magic Mastery (Passive)
Permanently Increases Magic mastery, magic attack, and minimum critical damage.
LV1: 56% Magic Mastery, +1 Magic Attack, +1% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV30: 70% Magic Mastery, +30 Magic Attack, +15% Minimum Critical Damage.
Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: -10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: -70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.
Hero’s Will (Active)
Removes all status effects such as Cursed/Seduce.
LV1: -30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: -30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Summary: Everything maxed.
Skill Build: -

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