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MapleStory Zen Skill Build Guide

 MapleStory Adventurer Dragon Warrior Job Selection

Dragon Warrior 1st Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Knight Movement Chivalrous Movement (Passive)
Permanently increases Accuracy, Maximum Speed, and Jump.
LV1: +22 Accuracy, +2% Max Speed, +1% Jump.
LV10: +220 Accuracy, +20% Max Speed, +10% Jump.
MapleStory Dragon Wing Fist Dragon Wing Fist (Active)
Attack 6 enemies with an uppercut that unleashes a strong whirlwind.
LV1: -18 MP, 254% Damage.
LV20: -24 MP, 330% Damage.
MapleStory Double Shot Double Shot (Active)
Attacks an enemy twice with bullets.
LV1: -4 MP, 127% Damage.
LV20: -7 MP, 165% Damage.
MapleStory Frontflip Somersault (Active)
Flip forward while in mid air. Flip distance increases as skill level increases.
LV1: -28 MP, jumps a certain distance
LV10: -10 MP, jumps a certain distance
MapleStory Lion's Power Lion’s Might (Passive)
Permanently increases critical hit rate and minimum critical damage.
LV1: +2% Critical Hit Rate, +1% Minimum Critical Damage.
LV10: +20% Critical Hit Rate, +10% Minimum Critical Damage.
MapleStory Violent Impact Violent Impact (Active)
Attack 6 enemies with your fists.
LV1: -10 MP, 384% Damage.
LV20: -20 MP, 460% Damage.

Summary: Everything maxed except Dragon Wing Fist and Violent Impact.

Skill Build:
1. Cap Dragon Wing Fist to LV10.
2. Max Somersault followed by Chivalrous Movement and Lion’s Might.
3. Finally max Double Shot.

I recommend capping Dragon Wing Fist because its much easier to train with long-range skill compared to Violent Impact, a close-combat skill. Both attack multiple enemies where the latter deals more damage by sacrificing range. You can switch between Dragon Wing Fist or Violent Impact depending on your game-play. Double Shot is maxed last to unlock Triple Shot (Dragon Warrior 2nd Job Skill)

Dragon Warrior 2nd Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Gun Mastery Gun Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Guns.
LV1: +12% Gun Mastery, +6 Accuracy.
LV20: +50% Gun Mastery, +120 Accuracy.
MapleStory Gun Booster Thunder Resurgence (Supportive)
Permanently doubles gun attack speed.
LV1: -30 MP, Lasts 10 sec.
LV20: -11 MP, Lasts 200 sec.
MapleStory Triple Fire Triple Fire (Active)
Attacks an enemy 3 times.
LV1: -10 MP, 124% Damage.
LV20: -16 MP, 181% Damage.
MapleStory Mental Clarify Dream (Supportive)
Temporarily increases weapon attack and accuracy.
LV1: -15 MP, +1 Weapon ATT, +84 Accuracy, Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: -24 MP, +30 Weapon ATT, +160 Accuracy, Lasts 180 sec.
MapleStory Double Spiral Double Helix (Active)
Attack 6 enemies twice while pushing them forward (knock-back).
LV1: -15 MP, 249% Damage.
LV20: -35 MP, 306% Damage.
MapleStory Panda Earthquake Panda Earthquake (Active)
Attack 6 enemies with shockwave caused by Panda slamming on the ground.
LV1: -18 MP, 455% Damage.
LV20: -30 MP, 550% Damage.
MapleStory Knight Patience Will of the Chivalrous (Passive)
Recovers HP and MP at a set interval.
LV1: Recovers 1% HP and MP every 19 sec.
LV15: Recovers 8% HP and MP every 5 sec.
MapleStory Physical Training Physical Training (Passive)
Permanently increases Strength and Dexterity.
LV1: +3 Strength, +3 Dexterity.
LV10: +30 Strength, +30 Dexterity.

Summary: Everything maxed except LV11 Panda Earth Quake and LV1 Double Helix.

Skill Build:
1. Add 1 SP into Panda Earthquake and Double Helix.
2. Cap Panda Earthquake to LV15 and Cap Double Helix at LV1.
3. Max Physical Training followed by Dream and Will of the Chivalrous.
4. Max Gun Mastery followed by Thunder Resurgence and Triple Shot.

Panda Earthquake will be your primary attacking skill in Dragon Warrior 2nd Job. Use Double Helix to cluster monsters into a tight spot and then finish them with Panda Earthquake skill. Don’t max these skills as you need to save them for Triple Shot. Max Level Triple Shot is required to unlock Rapid Fire (Dragon Warrior 4th Job Skill). Gun Mastery and Thunder Resurgence are maxed last since it does not affect close-combat skills.

Dragon Warrior 3rd Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Double Barrel Shot Dual Gun Flash (Active)
Attacks 6 enemies 2 times with scatter shot.
LV1: -20 MP, 355% Damage.
LV20: -40 MP, 450% Damage.
MapleStory Chivalrous Toughness Indestructible (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and ignore a portion of enemy’s DEF.
LV1: +2% Defense, +30 Max HP MP.
LV20: +30% Defense, +600 Max HP MP.
MapleStory Tiger's Prey Tiger’s Charge (Active)
Attack 6 enemies with a powerful tiger ram that can knock-back them 400 pixels.
LV1: -23 MP, 204% Damage, 658% Explosion Damage.
LV20: -35 MP, 280% Damage, 734% Explosion Damage.
MapleStory Abdominal Breathing Sturdy Body (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and ignore a portion of enemy’s DEF.
LV1: +11% Critical Rate, 1% Enemy DEF Ignored.
LV20: +30% Critical Rate, 20% Enemy DEF Ignored.
MapleStory Roll of the Dice Luck of the Dice (Active)
Roll a die to get a random buff. Roll a 1, and you get nothing.
LV1: -40 MP, Buff Lasts 66 sec, Cooldown 500 sec.
LV20: -60 MP, Buff Lasts 180 sec, Cooldown 200 sec.
MapleStory Truth Seeker's Fist Fist of the Truth Seeker (Active)
Attacks an enemy 8 times with storm of punches.
LV1: -20 MP, 102% Damage.
LV20: -28 MP, 140% Damage.
MapleStory Smoothbore Cannon Octo-Cannon (Supportive)
Summons a Chinese style naval cannon that attacks nearby enemies.
LV1: -10 MP, 83% Turret Damage, Summon Lasts 20 sec, Cooldown 29 sec.
LV20: -18 MP, 140% Turret Damage, Summon Lasts 30 sec, Cooldown 10 sec.

Summary: Everything maxed except Truth Seeker’s Fist (1/20)

Skill Build:
1. Add 1 SP into Dual Gun Flash, Tiger’s Charge and Fist of the Truth Seeker .
2. Max Sturdy Body followed by Dual Gun Flash and Luck of the Dice.
3. Max Indestructible followed by Tiger’s Charge and Octo-Cannon.

Dual Gun Flash will be your primary attacking skill in 3rd Job (Replacing Cute Panda Earthquake). Add 1 SP into 3 active skills mentioned above to try them out. Max Sturdy Body to deal more damage while increasing your chance to deal critical damage. Fist of the Truth Seeker is not needed to be max as you will have a more powerful solo skill in Dragon Warrior 4th Job (Rapid Fire), so feel free to max the rest of the skills except for this.

Dragon Warrior 4th Job Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Dartle Dartle (Active)
Attacks an enemy with streams of bullet. Requires LV20 Triple Shot.
Hold down the skill key to constantly fire bullets.
LV1: -6 MP, 243% Damage per shot.
LV30: -9 MP, 330% Damage per shot.
MapleStory Continual Aiming Continual Aiming (Active + Supportive)
Target lock a specific enemy. All succeeding attacks will only affect it and not enemies closest to you. Target will receive extra damage from other attacks thrown by you.
LV1: -25 MP, 458% Damage, +1% Bonus Damage.
LV20: -37 MP, 610% Damage, +20% Bonus Damage.
MapleStory Headshot Headshot (Active)
Instantly kills an enemy with one shot. Enemies who are immune to instant death will receive epic critical damage 4 times that ignores a portion of their defenses.
LV1: -10 MP, 510% Damage, 11% Defense Ignored. 10 sec cooldown.
LV30: -10 MP, 800% Damage, 40% Defense Ignored. 5 sec cooldown.
MapleStory Heroic Raid Heroic Raid (Active)
Attacks 6 enemies 4 times using a sharpshooter bear.
LV1: -25 MP, 474% Damage.
LV30: -55 MP, 590% Damage.
MapleStory Proud Dragon's Regret Proud Dragon’s Regret (Active)
Summons Shenlong (mythical dragon) to bombard 15 enemies 3 times around you.
LV1: -350 MP, 404% Damage, 60 sec cooldown.
LV30: -350 MP, 520% Damage, 30 sec cooldown.
MapleStory Double Lucky Dice Double Lucky Dice (Supportive)
Roll 2 dice and if both have same number, you receive a powerful buff! Requires LV20 Roll of the Dice. 200 sec cooldown for all levels.
LV1: -60 MP, 10% chance of rolling 2 dice, Buff Lasts 184 sec.
LV5: -60 MP, 50% chance of rolling 2 dice, Buff Lasts 200 sec.
MapleStory Pirate Style Pirate Style (Supportive)
Temporarily boost attack damage, abnormal status resistance and elemental resistance at the cost of lowering avoidability. Higher level increases the chance of triggering Stance Effect (preventing monster from knock-backing you when receiving damage).
LV1: -45 MP, +1% Attack, +21% Resistance and Stance, -15 Avoid, Lasts 66 sec.
LV30: -55 MP, +10% Attack, +40% Resistance and Stance, -300 Avoid, Lasts 180 sec.
MapleStory Sharpshooter's Dignity Sharpshooter’s Dignity (Passive)
Permanently increases gun mastery and add some explosives to each gun attack.
LV1: 76% Gun Mastery,62% Explosive Damage.
LV30: 90% Gun Mastery,120% Explosive Damage.
MapleStory Frenzy Frenzy (Passive)
Permanently increases critical rate and critical damage. Grants additional critical rate and critical damage against bosses.
LV1: +6% Critical Rate, +4% Critical Damage. +1% on both against Boss.
LV20: +15% Critical Rate, +10% Critical Damage. +20% on both against Boss.
MapleStory Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: -10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: -70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.
MapleStory Hero's Will Hero’s Will (Supportive)
Removes all status effects such as Cursed/Seduce.
LV1: -30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec.
LV5: -30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec.

Summary: Everything maxed.

Skill Build:
1. Add 1 SP into Heroic Raid, Dartle, Headshot and Proud Dragon’s Regret.
2. Max Double Down followed by Sharpshooter’s Dignity, Pirate Style and Frenzy.
3. Max Heroic Raid followed by Maple Warrior and Dartle.
4. Max Continual Aiming, Headshot, Proud Dragon’s Regret and Hero’s Will.

Heroic Raid will be your primary attacking skill in 4th Job instead of Dartle because it can kill multiple enemies at once. Before maxing those primary skills, stabilize and boost your overall damage by maxing Sharpshooter’s Dignity, Pirate Style and Frenzy. You can set all skills up to LV10 if you do not have Mastery Skillbook at hand or no funds to purchase them.

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